About Us
Most of you will be familiar with the Dore Community Transport red MPVs that crisscross our area; after all we have been operating since 2000.

What is surprising however is that, after all this time of operation, some people are still confused about what we do. We regularly get comments like “I thought you only took people to hospital” or “I thought you had to be a pensioner to use Dore Transport.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you live in our area of operation (South West Herefordshire) and do not have independent means of transport or useable bus service you can use us. There is no age limit, although young children will need to be accompanied by an adult. We will take you anywhere in our area or just beyond and we do go further if we can find a driver. We take people to the shops, hairdressers, to visit friends etc. As well as to doctors, dentists, day care centres and hospital.

We run four vehicles, three of which are adapted to take wheelchairs. These are driven by volunteers and many of our volunteers also use their own cars to extend our service.

Dore Community Transport is registered as a UK charity, no. 1097172. To find out more about our charity status, financial and compliance information, please visit our Charity Commission page.